Collecting Comics

Comic Book History Comic Book History

Comic books today cover a variety of subjects. There are horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, real life, and many other subjects that comic books cover. The subject most comic books have become known for is superheroes. At its simplest, a comic book is a series... [Read more]

Popular Comics Popular Comics

There have been many comic book characters since comic books first started to be printed. Some have lasted the test of time and still continue to be popular today. Listed are a group of popular comic books and characters according to genre. Superhero Superman Spider-Man Batman Wonder... [Read more]

Comic Book Era’s Comic Book Era’s

With Comic Book collecting its always important to consider the age of the comic book. Older comic books are more valuable than newer comics because of both their age and their relative rarity compared to newer comics. Comics published during the Platinum... [Read more]

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Comic Care

Comic Care #2 Comic Care #2

1. Handle the comics properly Wash your hands with soap and water before handling comics. Don’t just rinse, or you will still have dirty hands! This will remove any oils... 

Comic Care #1 Comic Care #1

Caring for your comics is just as important as buying your comics. As with all collectables its all about condition (grade) and rarity when it comes to value and reselling.   Here’s... 

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Collecting Information

Buying and Selling Buying and Selling

Collecting comic books is an inherent part of buying comic books. Once you start to buy comics and amass a certain amount, you have a collection. The depths of which you go to... 

Comic Jargon Comic Jargon

The comic book world has its own slang and jargon just like any other hobby. Here are some must know terms you should know when getting into comic books. Grade – The condition... 

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